Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We're here to help! - Props, Sets & Costumes

Musical theatre may probably be the most collaborative of all arts. For this reason, staging a musical is a tremendously complex undertaking. The dream of putting on a show must be matched with the practicality of “puttin’ it together”.

Where we are able, we like to go the extra mile. So we are pleased to offer assistance with the promotion of props, sets & costumes for the wider theatre community.

It can sometimes be difficult to locate a helicopter for MISS SAIGON, a set of enchanted costumes for DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a blood-sucking plant for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS or a set of puppets from AVENUE Q.

But with our new service, there is no need to stress!

We are happy to assist by adding photos of your available items on your behalf to our Facebook page. We will also include your contact details. This way any interested parties can contact you directly to coordinate the sale / hire. We receive many calls each week from companies needing to source specific props, sets and costumes and we frequently refer them to our Facebook page to find success.

Should you like to offer your production’s sets, costumes and/or props to others in the theatre community, just follow these simple steps...

 Please email and include the following:

- 2-10 images of the items you wish us to display for you (one show at a time)
- Your contact information:


Organisation Name:
Contact Person Name:
Email address:
Phone Number (optional):

Should you sell these items, please notify us so we can update our online information. If the purchaser can then provide us their details, they can help keep these items looping through the theatre community at large.

Making your sets, props and costumes available can provide great assistance to many organisations.











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