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New Release - BONNIE & CLYDE

This fantastic show is NOW AVAILABLE for licensing...


Lyrics by DON BLACK

Two Acts, Book Musical


Before BONNIE & CLYDE, Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde) and Black (Billy) collaborated on another show from the MTI catalogue, Dracula - the musical. Wildhorn initially contacted Black about collaborating on a song cycle based on the story of Bonnie and Clyde. After a demo of five songs (all of which still remain in the present musical), the two worked to create the full production. The score combines music of the period – country, ragtime, jazz, rockabilly, blues and gospel – together into a Broadway pop score.


The mix of period style with a contemporary feel makes the score both riveting and engaging. The show features a male and female leading couple each with an expansive vocal range and a supporting couple requiring just as much musical talent and range. Two children are needed for this production as well, playing young Bonnie and Clyde. An ensemble of about 15 other characters, with little to no singing, make up the rest of the cast of BONNIE & CLYDE.


After a world premiere in La Jolla, California in 2009 and a Broadway debut in late 2011 featuring Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes this musical is now available for licensing!


BONNIE & CLYDE tells the story of love that surpasses all danger and violence. The story centres on Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the ill-fated lovers and outlaws whose story has been infamous since they achieved folk hero status during the Great Depression. In addition to Bonnie and Clyde’s relationship there is also Clyde’s relationship with his best friend and brother, Buck Borrow and his wife, Blanche, who too are inseparable despite all risks. Both brothers are criminals on the run from the law. Blanche, a religious woman who disapproves of the criminal lifestyle convinces Buck to turn himself in to the law while Clyde gets caught and thrown back in jail. After Buck’s release and Clyde’s second escape from jail the couples are back to their life of crime. Together the two couples commit crimes and lead this illicit lifestyle because of their love for one another. Each of the characters emphasize the love and suffering that bind their relationships. They have become too entrenched in crime that each couple is too far in love to part ways and go straight. The notorious crew grows progressively more daring in their endeavours throughout the show which leads to their eventual demise as their robberies spiral out of control.We look forward to working with you on your next production!

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