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Musical theatre may probably be the most collaborative of all arts. For this reason, staging a musical is a tremendously complex undertaking. The dream of putting on a show must be matched with the practicality of “puttin’ it together”.


RehearScore®Plus is a computerised rehearsal pianist/musical director's tool for Windows and Macintosh computers. RehearScore®Plus plays every note of the Piano/Conductor Score precisely the way the composer intended. This clever resource can enhance your rehearsal process with functions such as transposing in half-step increments, varying the tempo (great for rehearsing dance numbers), and isolating, increasing the volume of, or removing any particular vocal line.


Sometimes being faithful to the score of a musical requires unique, signature keyboard/synthesizer patches integral to the orchestration. Keyboard Patch Solutions™ helps provide convenient, cost-effective access to these hard-to-find keyboard sounds. All required patches for a show are carefully assembled and packaged as one easy-to-use program.

and introducing...

(now available to Australia & New Zealand)


Revolutionizing the production of musicals, OrchEXTRA® is a user-friendly music enhancement system capable of augmenting student musicians and professionals alike. OrchEXTRA® was developed to assist by providing the missing instruments needed to realize a full Broadway score, while at the same time encouraging all available musicians to participate. For a list of shows with this fantastic new resource, please visit THIS LINK

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