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Hal Leonard Australia would like to invite you to consider some of these fantastic, newly released plays from the catalogue of Josef Weinberger (London).
Whether you are looking for a play for your next season or selecting a play to study with your students, these plays are bound to both challenge and entertain.


by Chris Paling

Comedy: 4M 2F.

Peter and Ruth have had a long and happy marriage. Or so Peter believes. They both have their own interests – he loves listening to the cricket on the radio, she likes to travel. But all is not well as Peter discovers one afternoon when he’s dozing in his deckchair and listening to the final test from The Oval. His wife announces that she has sold the house from under him and she’s moving to the coast with her lover. When the new owners move in later that day they discover they have more than they bargained for: an elderly, cricket-loving squatter who refuses to move out of their garden. The Final Test is the first stage play by highly-acclaimed novelist Chris Paling. It’s a touching and poignant comedy about marriage, cricket, and the dangerous lure of Bexhill-on-Sea.




by Wilke Collins and Nicola Boyce

Thriller: 9M, 5F

On a moonlit road in Hampstead, Walter Hartright is accosted by a woman dressed from head to toe in white. She asks the way to London and no sooner has Walter directed her than he is overtaken by a carriage in pursuit of the mysterious woman, who has evidently escaped from an asylum.

From this single incident, Walter unwinds a thrilling story of abduction, madness, false identity and shameful family secrets. Pursuing questions of identity and insanity along the paths and corridors of English country houses and asylums for the insane, Nicola Boyce’s adaptation of The Woman in White captures both the Gothic horror and psychological realism of one of the most popular detective stories ever written.


by Roy Clarke

Comedy: 5M 2F

In this new stage adaptation of the timeless television series, Foggy, Clegg and Compo are reunited for one last adventure. Foggy has designs on winning the affections of Constance, Nora Batty’s niece and the long-suffering fiancée of the hapless Gifford Bewmont. With the help of Clegg, Foggy invites the ladies around for an evening’s entertainment but the duo are unaware that a mysterious flasher is stalking the local community. Gifford has pledged to apprehend the flasher and has mounted all-night patrols in the village. While awaiting the arrival of the ladies, Foggy is dismayed when Compo turns up unannounced and who proceeds to wreak havoc on Foggy’s careful preparations as Gifford’s efforts to capture the flasher lead to mistaken identities and even more chaos. When the flasher is eventually unmasked it turns out his intentions are benign but not before our heros are nearly undone by the enveloping madness.


by Eric Chappell

Thriller: 3M 1F

A gripping psycholgical thriller, DEAD RECKONING sees a renowned artist finding himself caught up in a maze of chilling mind games and deceit. When the mysterious Mr Todd arrives at painter Tony Reed’s house, Tony is forced to face the past that still haunts him and make a decision that he has only ever fantasised about. This decision leads Reed and his second wife Megan into a terrifying nightmare from which there seems no escape. Who exactly is Mr Todd? Just how far is Tony Reed prepared to go? And who really did kill his adored first wife . . . ? Photo:Stephen Wolfenden Southwold Summer Theatre


by Lucy Bennett

Farce: 5M 3W

When London city girl Penelope Hart is suddenly made redundant she seizes the chance to follow her life-long dream – opening a cake shop. She rents a ramshackle commercial property and goes about making her dream come true, helped by bumbling estate agent David, not-so-bright assistant Lizzie and a handsome carpenter named Peter.
Penelope soon discovers that running a business is anything but a piece of cake. There are rats in the basement and nobody knows how to find the shop! But Penelope bakes on, and as the business eventually starts to flourish, so does a romance between Penelope and Peter. But then to put the icing on the cake, Penelope’s sleazy ex-boyfriend arrives on the scene to tempt her back to the city and back into his arms.
A feast of entertainment that will have you laughing on the outside and give you a lovely warm feeling on the inside. Just like you’ve eaten a piece of cake.


by Jane Thornton/John Godber

Comedy: 1M 1F


It’s the first day of Scarborough’s summer season and Tom and Chelsea have holiday jobs at the Court Hotel. They love their work – they could watch it all day, especially guests Len and Betty whose fifty year old marriage has run aground on holiday. So when the septuagenarian Palm Court Boys band are delayed, Tom and Chelsea must fill the entertainment slot with their take on Len and Betty’s tribulations.


It’s the last night of the summer season, Tom and Chelsea’s holiday jobs are now a distant memory. There’ll be no more nights on the town, beer at the beach huts and surfing on the sea, as he goes back to university and she’s headed for the dole. The summer season at the Court Hotel may have brought them together but fate will pull them apart in this funny, sharp and biting modern comedy about the haves and chav nots!

Photograph: Tristram Kenton
for the Guardian


by David Lewis

Comedy: 3M 4F

Fran arranges a dinner party and cooks an aubergine parmigiana. Her husband Terry fails to turn up because he is searching for a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher in Norfolk.
This is the last straw in their seven year marriage. Professionals are called in and friends, therapists and even the birds become embroiled in the escalating crisis in this new comedy of marital calamity by the author of How to be Happy and Monkey’s Uncle.

Please Note:
• Cost of play scripts: A$19.95 (incl GST) each plus postage. A 25% discounts applies to full set orders.
• Assessment of applications can take 4-6 weeks. It is strongly advised not to start rehearsals until you have received written confirmation of the availability or rights.

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