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“Musicals: The Superfood of the Arts!” Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald, one of the developers of the Broadway Junior Collection, has that correct – a musical is indeed a superfood, in that it brings together so many facets of the arts industry: music, singing, acting, dancing, costume design, set building/sculpturing, painting, lighting, make up and much more…  It may probably be the most collaborative of all art forms.

This is obvious the moment you begin planning to put on a musical. Everyone involved has a role to play (large or small) and their role is integral to the finished product – whether they are on stage or off. Each person learns responsibility, collaboration, respect, self-confidence & co-operation – and these vital life-skills are just the beginning.

For these reasons, we are passionate about and committed to bringing theatre to young people –
‘The Juniors’, if you like. So we’re proud to introduce you to… 


This is such a massive area and undertaking – we have narrowed it down into 3 main sections.
Here’s a basic overview:


These are workshops for teachers. We cover how to develop a musical theatre program in your school or musical society. To date, we have run these in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and had over 100 teachers at each event. We are looking at expanding across the region over the coming years with the next city being Auckland, NZ.

We are currently developing this program, which involves running celebration days for students and teachers. The participating groups get to showcase and workshop their current productions, take classes in acting, dancing and singing from industry professionals and share in their love of theatre.

We’re in planning for our first Celebration Day to be in Adelaide later this year and we hope this could grow to into something like the Junior Theatre Festival, currently held each year in Atlanta, U.S.A. This year saw over 4,500 kids and 800 adults in attendance.



This is an initiative whereby HLA staff and our industry friends visit schools to work with teachers and students on their productions. This can range from schools putting on their first show, to well established schools wanting to take their production to the next level. Last year we visited several schools including Tintern College (VIC) and Huntingtower School (VIC) and we are excited to open this to Australia and New Zealand in the coming years.

A letter from Anne Wilson - (Music Teacher, Huntingtower School, VIC)
“I am writing to thank you and Hal Leonard for the generous prize of the wonderful workshops provided for our students at Huntingtower for our upcoming musical -Disney’s The Jungle Book. David Rogers-Smith skillfully encouraged each student, imbued them with confidence and it was wonderful to see each performance lift to a new level. He made the rehearsals both fun and worthwhile for everyone. The kids all loved the sessions and are still talking about it. I was also greatly inspired by the sessions! It has helped me with our rehearsals this week... and the students were so thrilled with the CD’s and we shall treasure and use the musical theatre anthologies over the coming years.
Kind Regards, Anne Wilson”

We are very excited to announce the 2014 HLA On the Road WINNERS…

Prize: 3 x 2hr sessions with David Rogers-Smith, and Free ShowKit

Prize: 1 x 2hr session with David Rogers-Smith, and 40% off ShowKit

Thank you to all schools for entering our competition.  We are super excited to be visiting and working
with you over the coming months!!

In order to keep up with all this action and so you can find all the exciting information on The Broadway Junior Collection in one place... we have developed a dedicated section on our website especially for The JUNIOR THEATRE Project. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!

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We’re excited to work with you soon... 

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