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New Release PLAYS from Josef Weinberger


Hal Leonard is proud to release seven fantastic new plays from the Josef Weinberger catalogue. Whether your company is looking for a new thriller to tie your audience to the edge of their seats, a drama to keep them warm on a cold night or a comedy that will split their sides, you are sure to find a play that ticks every box.

The Perfect Murder
Book by Peter James and Shaun McKenna

Victor Smiley and his wife Joan have been married for nearly two decades, but each barely recognises the person they wake up next to every morning. Victor is so fed up with his job at the local factory –as well as distracted by his visits to his favourite prostitute, Kamila– that he hardly notices his wife’s constant ridicule.
Joan has resigned herself to the fact that Victor will never see beyond her double-chin to a new hair cut or outfit. She even puts up with his constant snoring which keeps her up night after night, but only just. For unbeknownst to Victor, Joan is taking her sweet revenge: spending large amounts of money on his credit card, kitting herself out in a sexy new wardrobe to impress her secret lover, Don. But then, as the bills mount, Victor loses his job. Soon he realises that the only way he can achieve his dream of setting up home with Kamila is to get Joan out of the picture, once and for all. But Victor is about to get a nasty surprise, for he’s not the only one with murder on his mind...

Stone Cold Murder
Book by James Carwood

Newlyweds Robert and Olivia Chappell have bought a small hotel in the English Lake District, and at the end of their first season they settle down with a drink in front of a warm fire. But their evening is interrupted by the arrival of a rugged hiker seeking shelter from the snow storm outside. Unlike her husband, Olivia senses danger. Could the stranger have anything to do with her own dark past involving a stolen diamond and a dangerous ex-boyfriend looking for revenge? Another male visitor soon appears and Olivia’s worst nightmare comes true. A desperate fight for survival begins, shedding a very different light on all those involved while ratcheting up the suspense until the very end.

Scared to Death
Book by Ron Aldridge

The year is 1857. Will Nicholls, the owner of Nicholls Flour Mill, is an inveterate gambler. Desperately in debt, he raises the stakes at the weekly poker game. With the fate of his livelihood, his Mill and his marriage now resting on the turn of a card, the result of this card game leads to a story of betrayal, unrequited love, murder, revenge and ‘hauntings’. With ‘tricks, effects and illusions’ created by internationally renowned magician Paul Daniels, prepare to be taken on a journey of ‘ghostly goings-on’, and prepare to be . . .‘scared to death’.

Book by Laura Turner

Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford stories, Laura Turner’s adaptation delightfully brings the rural village to life where etiquette rules, underpinned by a healthy amount of gossip. Applying the ideals of gentility and propriety, the idiosyncratic ways of the women of Cranford are thrown into disarray as modernity encroaches in the form of a new railway line coming harrowingly close. While Cranford’s eclectic women strive to stay immersed in the sweet pleasures and sometimes heart-breaking realities of simple village life, it becomes apparent that the world is changing in the face of the industrial revolution, and that Cranford will have to change with it.

Cranford at Christmas
Book by Laura Turner

Deep in the frosty English countryside, chestnuts are roasting and carols are being sung as the folk of Cranford busily prepare for Christmas. Join Miss Pole, Miss Matty and Mrs Jamieson as they warm their frozen hands on cups of steaming cocoa and bedeck the houses with holly and mistletoe. But beyond this cosy hubbub of festivity, snow continues to fall and when disaster strikes, the community must unite to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. A heart-warming tale of charity and goodwill to all women and men to celebrate the most magical time of year.

The Naked Truth
Book by Dave Simpson

When five very different women sign up for Gabby’s pole dancing class at the local village hall, none of them have any idea what lies ahead – each of them have their own reasons for taking up pole dancing, whether it be to restore confidence in their body, get a guy, keep a guy, lose weight or embark upon a potential new career. However, when one of the women receives some devastating news, the others soon pull together and decide to turn their new skill into a fund raising event. As each of the women’s stories unfold and unravel, they share laughter and tears in this hilariously, sad and ultimately moving play, a call to all women, celebrating strength through adversity.

For all its frothy frivolity, The Naked Truth is a play that genuinely has heart and soul, a play for women, about women, that men must absolutely see (if they dare!)


Losing The Plot
John Godber

When Jack Munroe’s life is turned upside down by changes at the school where he teaches art, he turns his back on the world – he walks out on his job, his wife Sally and two teenagers without explanation, leaving only unanswered questions and copies of Which Caravan and a book of Hot Sex Tips on the bedside table. In his absence Sally ploughs on running her flower shop as the weeks turn to months and the debts begin to rise.

Jack unexpectedly returns home three months later to find that Sally has been writing a book – a comedy about him – which promises to be a best-seller. Unlike the promising artist Jack once was, Sally has the popular touch. With the publication of her book, talk of TV sitcoms grow and Jack’s foibles are on show for all the world to see (and laugh at). As they gradually repair their relationship, it’s clear that the roles in their relationship have been turned on their head with Jack left to run the flower shop. This heart-warming comedy examines the trials and tribulations of modern married life.


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