Monday, August 17, 2015


Three Musical Fables.....


These three works are perfect for your next family concert or for younger
groups looking to expand their repertoire. From poetry loving dragons
to car-driving toads there is something for everyone in this delightful
collection of short musical fables. 

"I look back on these three children's projects with
particular  fondness and pleasure"
- John Rutter (composer)

An entertainment based on the story by Kenneth Grahame for narrator, soloists, SATB chorus, and instrumental ensemble.

Duration: 23 minutes
Orchestration: 2 perc (vib, glock, fireman's bell, dr kit), 2 kbd (elec org ; hpch or pn), str (min:
Difficulty: Very easy to Easy

This witty and enjoyable musical entertainment, based on the book by Kenneth Grahame, is for five soloists, narrator, SATB chorus, and instrumental ensemble. The main roles are written for adult singers, with a chorus of children and adults.

Duration: 32 minutes
Orchestration: fl, ob, perc (dr kit, timp, glock), hp, elec pn (+pn), str (min:
Difficulty: Very easy to Moderately difficult

This delightful work tells the story of the 14th-century Dominican mystic Heinrich Suso who, according to legend, notated the carol In dulci jubilo after it had been sung to him by a band of angels; he is unexpectedly aided by Sigismund, his donkey.

Duration: 15 minutes
Orchestration: 2 fl, ob, 2 cl, bn, 2 hn, perc (SD, sus cym, tbell, ant cym) hp, str
Difficulty: Very easy to Moderately difficult

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