Friday, November 20, 2015

New Release - THE EUROBEAT GOES ON - Now Available!

A musical revue celebrating the songs from the international hit musical Eurobeat presented as a retrospective concert event hosted by the glamorous Boyka, the Bosnian entertainment icon and lifestyle show presenter.

A superb idea for a fun night of laughs and great costume and ideal for flexible size cast and staging.

Music & Lyrics by
Craig Christie & Andrew Patterson

Book by
Craig Christie

Arranged by
Andrew Patterson

One Act Revue 

Ten years after the event, the glamorous Bosnian entertainment icon Boyke (Cabaret star, TV lifestyle presenter and former Olympic pole vaulter) presents songs from the Eurovision song contest that was hosted in her homeland Bosnia-Herzegovina. She looks back with a mixture of nostalgia and acid wit on the acts that featured in what she maintains was the best Eurovision in history.

The acts featured are the opera singing hip hop twist sensation Vesuvia Versace from Italy, the stylish and glamorous Toomas Jerker and his Stone Hard Boys representing Estonia, the 1960s beat revival German entry Herbert Gonemeyer Jnr, the almost in tune romantic duo of Reyne and Sheiner representing the United Kingdom, the disturbing and only tenuously sane Gert Grollmersdetter from Iceland, the spectacular Russian boy band the KGBoyz, the saucy siren Persephone representing Greece, the charming folk musical stylings of the Molnar Sisters representing Hungary, the Irish balladeer Ronan Corr, the chanteuse from France known as Estelle LaCroix, the minimalist, post-post-modernist group Nepotism representing Liechtenstein and finally the swinging Swedes AVLA.

Each act presents the performance that brought them fame and in some instances notoriety for the audience. The show culminates in welcoming back to the stage Boyka’s cheeky co-host from the original show Sergei Puukolisto who reads his self-penned poem for Bosnia-Herzegovina ‘Glorious Homeland’ before Boyka returns to the stage to recreate the stage spectacular ‘I’m Sarajevo. (Taste Me)’ accompanied by all the performers for a triumphant finale.

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