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Britten left a remarkable legacy of choral music: approachable, tonal, lyrical and pleasing to both performers and audience. The conductor Paul Spicer, who has recorded much of Britten's choral music, has written our new guide to this important aspect of the composer's repertoire. It includes performance tips, and grades each work by level of difficulty. ~ Text © courtesy of the Britten-Pears Foundation



Spring Symphony

Boosey & Hawkes
For soprano, alto and tenor soloists, chorus, boys' choir, and orchestra
Instrumentation: 3(III=afl,picc).2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn-
Duration: 45 mins


Praise We Great Men

Faber Music
SATB soloists and chorus with orchestra
Instrumentation: 3(II+III=picc).2(II=ca).2(II=bcl).2 - 42(2/1)0 - timp- perc(2): BD/cyms/vib/glsp - pno - harp - strings
Duration: 7 mins


Saint Nicolas

Boosey & Hawkes
Cantata for tenor solo, chorus (SATB), semi-chorus (SA), four boy singers, and orchestra
Instrumentation: timp.perc(1-2)-pno(4hands)-organ-strings
Duration: 50 mins


Welcome Ode

Faber Music
Young people's chorus (SAB) and orchestra
Instrumentation: 2222 - 4231 - timp(=SD) - perc(3): BD/SD/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/tamb/xyl - pno - strings, OR
2121 - 2220 - timp - perc(2): BD/SD/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/tamb – strings  
Duration: 8 mins


Ballad of Heroes

Boosey & Hawkes
For tenor, chorus and orchestra
Instrumentation: 3(2)(II=picc).3(2)(II=corA).2.Ebcl(ad lib).3(2)(III=dbn)- timp.perc(2):xyl/cyms/whip/BD/SD/TD-harp-strings off-stage (ad lib) 3 trumpets-SD
Duration: 15 mins






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Britten Choral Guide

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