What is the role of Hal Leonard Australia?

Hal Leonard Australia acts on a publisher’s behalf in the licensing and provision of hire materials. We deal with a large variety of groups ranging from community orchestras and choirs through to professional opera and ballet companies across Australasia. By having a library in Australia, we are able to provide a large selection of materials to local groups in a prompt and convenient manner without the need for you to source works from overseas, which can involve a great deal of time and expense.

What do the terms Small Right and Grand Right mean?

Small Right works include:
- Choral works with a duration of less than 20 minutes
- Orchestral or small ensemble music regardless of duration

Grand Right works include:
- A copyright work performed with any dramatic elements such as dance, dialogue or staging of any kind. This includes operas and ballets.

Please note:
 - Large Choral works of 20 minutes and over are licensed directly on behalf of the publisher. It is important to note that a work need not be a ‘hire only’ work to attract a license/royalty fee. For example, an Arvo Pärt unaccompanied choral work of over 20 minutes duration is licensed directly on behalf of the publisher even though the music is available on sale. In this case, the choir must have a performance licence from us in place prior to the performance and a royalty fee will be applicable.

When planning a performance of one the Grand Right works or Large Choral works of over 20 minutes duration that we represent, it is essential to have a performance licence in place with our office.  A royalty fee will be payable for these performances.

Royalty fees are calculated on a percentage of the box office receipts pro rata. That is, if the work on the program is 40% of the total music being performed and the royalty fee is 10% gross box office pro rata, the royalty fee would be calculated as:

Total Box Office takings (excluding GST) x 40% (portion of program) x 10% = Royalty Fee

How do I apply to hire classical orchestral music?

Materials can be hired by completing an online application.

Does hiring the orchestral music mean that I also have the permission to perform it?

Payment of a hire fee does not grant permission to perform a copyright orchestral work. A licence to perform a work MUST be sought from APRA. For information please visit APRA Licensing Information.

Please note: Performance licences for Grand Right works are handled by Hal Leonard Australia and the fees will be determined by the information provided in your application.

When should I apply for an upcoming performance?

Materials can only be reserved once you have completed an online application. If you are intending to hire a work months or even a year in advance, it’s a good idea to submit an order early. Payment will not be required immediately for early bookings, but it means that we can reserve the materials for you. If hire materials are required within 10 business days receiving your order, a priority fee will apply. Grand Right orders follow a slightly lengthier procedure and materials cannot be reserved or ordered (where necessary) until your contract is signed, so please allow a greater lead time.

Once we receive your completed rental order form, we require a minimum of TEN BUSINESS days to prepare and dispatch your order BEFORE it leaves our warehouse. Please allow time for the necessary paperwork to be processed and sent to you and for you to organise and send the required paperwork and payments to our office. Please be aware that your signed agreements and payments must be received before materials can be delivered to you. We recommend that you submit your order form to us at least 4 to 6 weeks BEFORE you require your materials.

As materials in our library are limited, we may need to order materials for your performance from the overseas publisher on your behalf. This can take a minimum of 3 weeks to arrive. Please be aware that all international freight costs incurred will be charged to you.

What happens if I need to change information provided in my application or on my contract?

Please contact us ASAP of any changes. Additional fees may apply.

When am I required to pay?

You will find the due date for any invoice payments on your invoice. Please be aware that we require payment in full along with your signed agreements before any materials can be dispatched from our warehouse.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments by credit card, cheque and EFT. A copy of our payment details will be provided to you along with a copy of your invoice when you hire with us.

We do not accept cash payments, AMEX or Diners Club.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us ASAP if you need to cancel your order. Cancellation charges may apply.

What materials will I receive?

A standard rental set includes one conductor score, one set of winds, brass and percussion parts and a string set, as dictated by the orchestration of the work. If you require additional scores or other materials, you must specify this on your application. Additional materials are subject to availability.

When will I receive my materials?

You can expect your order to arrive as near as possible to the date you specify on your application. Applications for hire received without this required date cannot be processed. We recommend that you choose a required date well in advance of your first rehearsal. Please note that we cannot release materials unless you have returned a signed rental agreement and payment prior to the date materials are due to be dispatched.

Can I photocopy materials?

Photocopying of parts and scores is not permitted. If you need to make additional copies please contact us for permission.

An additional note for schools – please be aware that your school’s photocopy licence from AMCOS does not permit you to make copies of any hired materials.

Our rental set is missing a part, what do we do?

Be sure you check your rental set carefully immediately upon receipt. You can check this against the dispatch docket that will be enclosed with your materials. Should you be missing any materials at this stage, please contact us immediately.

What happens if I lose or damage any hired materials?

Any materials that are missing or damaged beyond regular wear and tear will be charged to you. When returning materials to us, please endeavor to return your sets in score order and in one parcel.

How do I source the classical music I require for my concert?

There are several things you will need to know about the work you are looking for in order to help you find it. You will need to know if it is in copyright and who publishes the work. More details below.

Is it in copyright?
It is very useful to find out whether a work is in or out of copyright. Copyright works are usually only available from the one publisher. Out of copyright or Public Domain works may be available from more than one publisher as there is no longer an owner of the work as such.

If the composer (or writer of any text in a piece of music) is alive, all of their works are in copyright.

For composers who have died, copyright lasts for a period of 70 years after the year of their death. The copyright period in Australia was extended from 50 to 70 years at the end of 2005. This now means that Australia is consistent with the 70 year copyright period for both Europe and the USA.

Composers who died between 1936 and 1955 who were already out of copyright before this extension will stay out of copyright in Australia. Composers who died in 1956 or later will stay in copyright until the 70 year period has passed. For example, both Rachmaninoff and Prokofieff died between 1936 and 1955, so they remain out of copyright in Australia; however, they are both still in copyright in Europe and the US.

Don’t forget that if the work is IN copyright, you will also be required to have a licence to perform it.

Who publishes this work?
Our classical library consists predominantly of copyright music. The only non-copyright music we have available will be those that are produced by publishers we represent. Therefore, it is very important to know what edition of a non-copyright work you would like to hire as this will help determine where to find the music.

Hal Leonard Australia is the hire agent for numerous major overseas publishers including Boosey & Hawkes, Schott Music International, Faber Music, Peters Edition and Oxford University Press, just to name a few. Visit the Classical Catalogue page for a complete listing of the publishers we represent, plus links to their websites.

If you are experiencing difficulty establishing either the publisher or agent for the work you are after, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your search. Please provide as much information about the work as possible to assist us when searching. 


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