What is a perusal copy?

A perusal copy is material that you can hire to assist you in choosing which show you may like to present, or to assist with your planning and preparations. Perusal material usually includes a complete Libretto/Vocal book, which contains the full script and vocal lines for the show. Full Piano Scores are not available on perusal, but where available, Piano/Conductor highlights will be provided.

How long can I have a perusal?

Perusal materials are on hire for 4 weeks.

How many perusals can I have?

You may hire up to three (3) perusals at any one time.

How do I apply to produce a musical?

Simply complete an online application. When completing an application, make sure you have met with ALL of your creative team as you will need the following information:

  • Your exact performance dates
  • The dates you would like to obtain your sets of rehearsal and orchestral materials
  • The correct venue, address and maximum seating capacity
  • Your ticket prices
  • Please ensure that ONLY one person is nominated to be the main contact with us. This eliminates the confusion and errors that occur when many different people gather information from the same source

What happens once I submit my application?

You will be sent a confirmation letter and usually an invoice for a security bond. Approximately six to eight weeks before you are due to receive your material you will receive your Licence Agreement and invoice for advance royalties and hire fees. Remember to return your signed Licence Agreements and relative payments on time. Shows are often heavily booked and the offer of performance rights may be cancelled should you not attend to these details promptly.

How long does it take to process my application?

Processing can take one to three weeks, depending on the time of year, the show you choose, and certain geographical restrictions. You must always obtain written confirmation of availability from us before planning a production or announcing a season. If you are a school, try to decide on your show during the previous year and avoid the back to school rush at the start of a new year. 

What happens if I need to change information provided in my application or on my contract?

Having the right information at the time of application is imperative. If you need to make changes, you will be required to send these changes to us in writing. Please be aware that changes will cause delays in either the processing or delivery of your materials and may incur additional administrative costs. 

When am I required to pay?

Depending on how much time there is between the time you apply and the time you require your materials you will be required to pay in one of two ways. If more than 8 weeks from your requested materials date, we will issue the invoice for your security bond only (with payment due in 2 weeks). If less than 8 weeks, we will issue both your security bond along with your invoice for advance royalty, hire, booking and freight fees (with payment of both invoices due within 4 weeks). Materials will ONLY be available for dispatch on receipt of all required payments and signed Licence Agreements.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments by credit card, cheque and EFT. Our payment details will be provided to you along with a copy of your invoice when you hire with us.

We do not accept cash payments, AMEX or Diners Club.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us ASAP if you need to cancel your order and we will discuss the process with you. Cancellation charges may apply.

What materials will I receive?

Rehearsal material: usually consists of a set of Libretto/Vocal books, and Piano/Conductor or Piano/Vocal scores (may vary).

Orchestral material: orchestra/band parts only. There are no conductor scores included in these sets, so it will be hard to conduct orchestral rehearsals without requesting your rehearsal set at the same time.

More information about rehearsal and orchestral sets can be found on the individual show pages. We provide the acting or current authorised edition of all shows. This edition, provided by the creators of the work, clearly outlines how they wish their show to be performed.

When will I receive my materials?

Provided that we have received all required payments and signed Licence Agreements relative to your production, your materials will be dispatched approximately 2 weeks prior to the dates you requested on your application form. We try to work to this schedule where possible to allow for any delivery delays that may occur with our couriers. Should you receive your materials slightly earlier than requested, rest assured that additional hire fees will not be charged.

Can I photocopy materials?

Photocopying of our materials is not permitted without prior arrangement and written permission from us. Our sets of materials contain the standard number of scripts or scores for each particular show, so copying is not required. Permission to copy may be granted in some cases, but must be requested and arranged before copying takes place. Permission is not guaranteed.

An additional note for schools – please be aware that your school’s photocopy licence from AMCOS does not permit you to make copies of any hired materials. 

What happens if I lose or damage hired materials?

Any loss or damage, above reasonable wear and tear, to hired materials will result in replacement of that item at your expense. Please emphasise the respect of our property to your cast, crew and orchestra so as to minimise both damage and expense.

Please note that all hired materials remain the property of Hal Leonard Australia. Proper care and maintenance must be applied to ALL hired material to ensure that it can be re-hired. Further details will be enclosed with your hired materials.

You may find it useful to keep a record of which book you allocate to each member of your cast, crew and orchestra. Marking (in pencil only) a different number in each book will help identify who is responsible for it. It can be of use when trying to collect materials at the end of your show.

Can I make changes to the script?

When you are granted a performance licence, the show must be performed ‘as is’. This is a legal requirement and you cannot make any changes unless you have obtained prior written permission from us to do so.

Any unauthorised changes to a show violate the authors’ rights under copyright law.

Please send any requests to us in writing so that we may seek the appropriate permissions on your behalf; it is always safest to ask, but permission is not guaranteed. Please be aware that these requests can take several weeks so we recommend that you factor this into your rehearsal schedule.  

Can I record (video/audio) my musical?

Copyright law gives authors the exclusive right to control the reproduction of their work. When we grant a licence for a live stage production of a show, that licence does not include the right to record it. The authors retain the sole right to decide when or if their work is recorded in any way.

The good news is we now have a large selection of shows that have a video licence available, for an additional fee. Please visit the individual show pages for availability of this resource. 

Are there rules to be followed when advertising my musical?

Yes, there are specific criteria (billing) that needs to be followed and is different for each show. Billing information is sent with your Licence Agreement and it forms part of your contract.

Don’t forget that you have been given the right to perform a work that belongs to someone else – be it a composer, writer, lyricist, or his or her estate. It is essential that these people be credited correctly on all advertising and promotional materials. It’s just as important as crediting your director, choreographer or music director, and it’s part of what your company commits to when they sign a Licence Agreement.

Your posters and program drafts MUST be provided to us for approval BEFORE you print them, so that we may assess the ‘billing’. If you can, send us hard copies once they have been approved and printed. We love to see the great designs and artwork that is out there, and we’ll often forward them to the owners of the works in London or New York. Writers and composers love to hear about their international successes!

Please be aware that it is not possible to use Official Broadway logos without first obtaining the required permission. For selected shows, we can grant you permission to use Official Broadway logos and can supply you with the required files. Please visit the individual show page for availability.

What are theatrical resources?

Theatrical Resources are various tools that help to enhance and enliven your production. These resources provide support and instruction for all members of your cast and production team. Many schools have used these tools to incorporate the study of musical theatre into the curriculum. The following array of theatrical resources may be available for your production: RehearScore® CD Rom, Logo Packs, Sound Effects CD, Video Licence, Keyboard Patch Solutions™, Study Guide, Production Slides & Full Reference Scores. Please visit the individual show page for availability, or our Theatrical Resources page for more detailed information on the tools available.

Why are some musicals restricted?

Restrictions on particular works can be due to a great many number of reasons. Performance rights can be withdrawn (restricted) from the amateur market at any time without notice. It is imperative that you do not commence planning and rehearsing any work without the required Licence Agreement from Hal Leonard Australia.

For further information on the availability of a particular show, please visit the individual show page.

Can you explain the different Collections?


We are proud to represent new and exciting works by Australasia’s leading musical theatre writers and composers. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes profound, but always exceedingly entertaining our Australasian collection includes a range of shows for various performers.

With inimitable wit and voice, musicals from our Australasian collection speak to a universal audience; and sometimes give a wink or a nudge to our unique local sensibilities.

Broadway JR and KIDS

The Broadway Junior Collection® from Hal Leonard Australia and Music Theatre International is an outstanding series of condensed versions of Broadway’s classic musicals and animated movies.

The Broadway Junior Collection® divides into two categories to accommodate different age ranges: Broadway JR. (60 minute musicals for performance by middle school students) and KIDS (approx. 30 minute musicals for performance by primary school students).

Each MTI Broadway Junior title comes with a specially designed ShowKit™ – a first-timer’s "How To" guide to producing these beloved and celebrated musicals. The ShowKit™ and its resources guide you on how to make your musical the ultimate interdisciplinary teaching tool.


On behalf of MTI, we are proud to be the exclusive licensor of Disney Musicals in this territory, representing the very best in family entertainment.

The Disney Collection includes full-length Broadway originals as well as condensed versions, which also belong to the Broadway JR and KIDS Collections.


The Getting To Know Collection (G2K…), from Rodgers & Hammerstein, includes uniquely adapted 50-70 minute musicals that maintain the essence and story of the classic full-length originals.

Designed specifically for youth performers, each G2K… musical comes with a Showkit and has been expertly developed to offer students (up to the ninth grade) the opportunity to experience classic musical theatre, by providing teachers with age appropriate, educationally based and easy to use adaptations.

School Edition

Designed with educators in mind, MTI's School Edition™ musicals embody a bold new idea in creating and licensing adaptations of grand scale, symphonic musicals in versions adapted for performance by high school students. These adaptations, while smaller in size, retain all of the scope and glory of the originals.

Each School Edition title comes complete with a detailed Director's Script with helpful technical advice, a Study Guide for interdisciplinary learning as well as an Accompaniment CD.


The Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) Collection features musicals for adults to perform for children. TYA shows usually have cast requirements of 6-12 actors, and have running times under 90 minutes.

Are there any restrictions on performing a junior musical?

Various restrictions apply when performing a musical from the Broadway Junior, Kids, Getting to Know or School Edition Collections. These can vary depending on the collections, but one general rule that applies to all is that the performers must be under the age of 18 at the time of the performances. Please contact us for more specific details on the restrictions in each collection.


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