Can I order a perusal (reading) copy?

Perusal copies of plays are available (on hire) only where scripts are not available to purchase.

Purchasing a published copy of the script is a relatively cost effective way to obtain a copy of the play to read. It is sometimes less expensive than the standard perusal hire fee. We are able to provide and sell a copy of any available play in our catalogue at a competitive price. Please note, we do not always have all scripts in stock and we may need to order some titles from the overseas publisher on your behalf.

How do I apply to produce a play?

Complete an online application. Ensure that you have all your production details ready before completing the form. Details required include performance dates, number of performances, venue details including address and seating capacity, your ticket prices and contact details. 

What happens once I submit my application?

Once your application is submitted, we will contact the publisher and owners of that particular play and seek approval for your proposed production to move ahead. It can take 4-6 weeks to receive a response, so please factor this into your planning timeline. Once we receive confirmation and approval, we will issue you with the required Licence Agreement and relative invoice for the booking and royalty fees.

How long does it take to process my application?

Once we receive confirmation and approval that your production may move ahead, we will prepare and send your Licence Agreement and relative invoice for booking and royalty fees. This can take up to 10 working days. We will contact you via the email address you provided on your application. If you do not hear from us in this time, please feel free to contact us.

What happens if I need to change information provided in my application or on my contract?

If you need to change any details – such as your performance dates, venue, contact details – please contact us with the new details. We are unable to move forward with any requests unless these details are received in writing. Please note that depending on the change you require, further clearance times and/or administration fees may apply.

When am I required to pay?

Your invoice payment (and signed Licence Agreement) is usually due 4 weeks after we send them to you. Depending on how soon your production is scheduled, this due date can vary. In the best-case scenario, we will prepare and send these items 6 months prior to your performance dates and they are due back in the following month. Either way, and despite the lead-time, your signed Licence Agreement and invoice payment is due before your production commences.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments by credit card, cheque and EFT. A copy of our payment details form will be provided to you along with a copy of your invoice when you hire with us.

We do not accept cash payments, AMEX or Diners club.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us ASAP if you need to cancel your order and we will discuss the process with you. Cancellation charges may apply.

Can I hire play scripts?

Play scripts from us are on sale 99% of the time. In the rare case that a specific play is out of print or not yet published, we can organise copies to be hired for your production. The photocopying of these scripts is strictly prohibited and these copies are to be returned to us at the conclusion of your production.

Alternatively, you may find a Play Script Library or Drama League that you wish to hire the scripts from.
Either way, it is imperative that you hire or purchase only the authorised acting editions of the play you wish to perform.  

Can I make changes to the script?

When you are granted a performance licence, the play must be performed ‘as is’. This is a legal requirement and you cannot make any changes unless you have obtained prior written permission from us to do so.
Any unauthorised changes to a show violate the authors’ rights under copyright law.

Please send any requests to us in writing so that we may seek the appropriate permissions on your behalf; it is always safest to ask, but permission is not guaranteed. Please be aware that these requests can take several weeks so we recommend that you factor this into your rehearsal schedule. 

Can I record (video/audio) my play?

The short answer is “No”. The long answer is: Copyright law gives authors the exclusive right to control the reproduction of their work. When we grant a licence for a live stage production of a play, that licence does not include the right to record it because the authors retain the sole right to decide when or if their work is recorded in any way.

Are there rules to be followed when advertising my play?

Yes, there are specific criteria and credits that need to be followed and they are different for each play. Details of these credits are sent with your Licence Agreement and it forms part of your contract.

Basically, these credits involve the title and author of the work and a credit detailing that your production is being presented by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia on behalf of a specific publisher. Additional details specific to your work will be detailed in the front of your authorised acting edition script and will be referenced in your Licence Agreement.

Don’t forget that you have been given the right to perform a work that belongs to someone else – be it a writing team, a playwright, or his or her estate. It is essential that these people be credited correctly on all advertising and promotional materials. It’s just as important as crediting your director, and it’s part of what your company commits to when they sign a Licence Agreement.  

Why are some plays restricted?

Restrictions on particular works can be due to a great many number of reasons. It’s important to remember that performance rights can be withdrawn from the amateur market at any time without notice. It is imperative that you do not commence planning and rehearsing any work without the required written permission in the form of a performance licence from us.


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