Great Scot!

Genre Comedy/Satire
Composer Don McAfee
Lyricist Nancy Leeds
Book By Mark Conradt; Gregory Dawson
Other Credits
Format Book Musical
Status Available (?This work is currently available for application in Australia and New Zealand subject to our standard Terms of Use.)

Short Synopsis

As the New York Post, outlines, "Mark Conradt and Gregory Dawson, who write the libretto, have wisely concentrated on (Robert Burns') talent as a lover, which was obviously an important part of his remarkable character. They show him to you first as a careless youth whose success with the girls made him the envy and consternation of his native village. Then they whisk him into his serious romance with Jean Armour, who sacrificially sent him off to fame in Edinburgh when her puritanical father grew too nasty. Next you encounter him in the Edinburgh social whirl, where he is the delight of the women and the scourge of his publisher, who objects to his companionship with a drunken Irish poet and fears his tendency to sound off on his dangerous liberal theories. After outraging the stuffy tories and learning that the faithful Jean has presented him with twins, he denounces the social set, dons the outlawed kilts and returns to marry the noble mother of his children." The rest is history but all is eloquently foreshadowed in the youthful adventures of this dashing free spirit who celebrated life as he believed it should be, and made the whole world listen to his joyous words.

An Off-Broadway success, this joyous, tuneful musical is based on the lively (and sometimes eyebrow-raising) escapades of the young Robert Burns. "…one of the most singable scores we have heard in a long time." —NY Daily News. "…bright tunes exceptional style." —NY Journal-American. "…a bountiful score, with songs rich in melody and spirit." —NY Times.   

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