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Genre Comedy/Satire; Drama
Collection Australasian
Composer Mathew Frank
Lyricist Dean Bryant
Book By Dean Bryant
Other Credits
Format Book Musical
Type Full Length
Status Available (?This work is currently available for application in Australia and New Zealand subject to our standard Terms of Use.)

Short Synopsis

A contemporary retelling of the well known parable, PRODIGAL is the story of Luke Flannery and his typically Australian family.  On his eighteenth birthday, Luke runs away to Sydney, rather than work in the family business.  When he comes out to his parents, their rejection causes him to plunge recklessly into the city's nightlife.  He returns home, broken, to a family who struggle to reconcile the son who left with the one who has returned.  Featuring a contemporary score, PRODIGAL is a starkly humorous and poignant look at the challenges of growing up.

“the songs are fresh and eloquent…the cast shines” – New York Post.

“[the writers] give the parable of the prodigal son a decidedly modern twist…music deeply felt…heartrending” – New York Daily News.

“Prodigal offers good comic moments…especially fine performances…clever staging” – New York Times.

“it is terrific to hear a new score that shows such promise…composer Frank gives each character a unique and emotional melodic line that when combined create a melancholy aural snapshot of a family thrown into crisis…makes you want to hear more from the duo” – American Theater Web.

“a musical that boasts plenty of talent, both Australian and American…a promising young writing team…we can use another sweet little musical now that The Fantasticks is no longer around to cheer us up” –

“the score is a catchy combination of traditional theatre music and modern pop” – Talkin’ Broadway.

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Casting Information

Dance Requirement: Minimal/None

Character Breakdown

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Detailed Synopsis

As the OVERTURE fades, we meet Luke Flannery and his family; father Harry, mother Celia and brother Kane, who live in Eden, Australia, a PICTURE POSTCARD PLACE.  Luke is 18 today and about to join the Flannery fishing business, but isn’t so sure that he wants to spend another eighteen years playing HAPPY FAMILIES.  Harry gives him a car for his birthday, to use for business (much to Kane’s disgust), when Luke announces he has been offered a place at Sydney University, and wants to go.  Celia tries to keep the mood light (PICTURE POSTCARD PLACE – reprise).  Against Harry’s wishes, Luke runs away (RUN WITH THE TIDE) to Sydney.

He moves into a warehouse apartment with Maddy, a performance artist, who encourages him to shift his perspective and see the world with BRAND NEW EYES.  They quickly become best friends, but when Maddy tells Luke she loves him, he is forced to introduce his boyfriend from University, Zach.  A few weeks later, Zach moves into the apartment, and the three get better acquainted sharing childhood memories (WHEN I WAS A KID).  Luke realises he has shut his family out of his life, so calls home to tell his parents his news, who don’t react as he hoped (MY BOY).  Luke responds by going out, experimenting with drugs, letting all responsibility slide (OUT OF MYSELF).  Maddy throws him out after one late night party too many, and eventually Zach dumps him (SET ME FREE).  Luke decides to return home and mend the bridges he burned (EPIPHANY).

The homecoming doesn’t go as planned, as neither Luke nor Harry can bring themselves to admit they could be wrong, and Luke is thrown out of the house.  When Harry stops Celia from going after him, she pushes him aside (LOVE THEM AND LEAVE THEM ALONE).  Harry takes his frustration out on Kane, and goes down to the club.  Celia tracks Luke down at the local pub, and asks him to be a little more understanding of Harry, but Luke won’t back down in his beliefs (WHERE DOES IT GET YOU).  She leaves him for the night, and Luke receives a phone call, telling him to meet Kane at the shipyard.  At the docks he is bashed; simultaneously Maddy performs the piece she developed through meeting Luke and opening up to her own dad (MADDY’S PIECE).

Kane comes home the next day to find out from Harry that Luke is in the hospital.  Kane admits responsibility, but points out Harry isn’t blameless himself before walking out.  Harry goes to the hospital and relieves Celia of her watch over Luke (LULLABY).

Months later, Luke has healed, but won’t leave the family home, even with Celia and Harry’s encouragement. They spring a surprise on him; they’ve invited Maddy down.  She reminds Luke of why he left Eden originally and helps him to reimagine the life he went searching for.  He decides to return to Sydney, and try again (FINALE).  Luke heads out to show Maddy around his home town, leaving Harry and Celia in the family kitchen.

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Minimum: A$193.00 per performance

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Booking and Handling Fee: A$69.00
Materials Security Deposit: from A$200.00 - A$500.00

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