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Logo Pack

We understand that original Broadway show logos can give instant recognition to your show and that it can sometimes be difficult to promote your show without them. That's why we are delighted to offer, by special arrangement with the logo creators, full Logo Packs for selected MTI shows. Each Logo Pack includes a black and white camera-ready slick, a colour slide (or colour slick), and a computer disc with digital files, which can be used for flyers, posters, programmes and commercials.

NB: Logo Packs are for promotional use only; the use of these logos on merchandise is not permitted.

Study Guide

Created for educational use, but equally valuable as informative production aides, each Study Guide includes a plot synopsis and historical perspective, while also assisting you with topics for discussion, research projects and essays. Information is presented in an engaging and entertaining style helping you to enrich your student's experience during the production.

Video Licence

Now you can relive the magic at home! A great way to preserve the memory of your show after the final curtain falls, a Video Licence enables you to make non-commercial (home-use only) video recordings of your production for your archives. A Video Licence also allows you to authorise other participants in your production (cast, crew, families, etc) to make recordings for their personal non-commercial use.

NB: Available only on selected shows and certain restrictions apply. ONLY available for non-professional clients.

Resources for Hire

Full Reference Score

Do you ever wish you could see the entire orchestration on one page? Now you can! Previously only available for operas and classical compositions, Full Reference Scores are now being generated for musicals as part of the orchestrating process. The Full Reference Score includes every note of the orchestration along with all markings and cues from the vocal score; it's perfect for conducting the show, orchestra rehearsals, and score study. We are pleased to offer Full Reference Scores for several of our shows and look forward to adding more in the future.

Production Slides

Limited only by the imagination of your production team, Production Slides may be the ingredient needed to help move your show from drab to fab! Created by some of Broadway's top scenic and projection designers, Production Slides can be used in a variety of ways including as a replacement for cumbersome scenery, as a 'paint-by-numbers' guide for the creation of your backdrop or scrim design, or to add a multi-media feel to your show.

Stage Managers Script

THE "WRITE" TOOL FOR YOUR PRODUCTION. Gone are the days of not being able to highlight lighting and set cues in the script! Forget writing in the tiny margins of a normal libretto/vocal book! With MTI's Stage Manager Script, you can write in pen, ink or highlighter and NOT have to worry about erasing the books before returning them! Just think: an authorized production-friendly legal copy of the libretto that you can personalize for your production.

Though stilll a rental item, Stage Manager Scripts are enlarged and printed single sided on standard 8.5” by 11” paper. Formatted exactly the same as our normal libretto/vocal books (7.5” by 10”), Stage Manager Scripts are easier-to-read in dimly lit backstage areas. The format of the pages allows for over triple the amount of space for writing cues, blocking notes, and complicated choreographic dance steps. Give spacious margins and blank sides to your detail-minded stage manager!

Unlike our normal libretto/vocal book binding, Stage Manager Scripts are three-hole punched and lie open flat, facilitating easy page flipping, hands-free cueing and blocking. Each script is bound in a standard black binder, which can sit unobtrusively backstage, or in the wings. With the addition of tabbed divider sheets, the binder can easily becomes the production’s “prompt book”, keeping the script, set and lighting plots, rehearsal reports, and various paper work in one place! The Stage Manager Script is also a valuable resource for directors, choreographers, designers and technicians' various artistic needs and technical requirements.



MTl’s RehearScore®Plus is an easy to use rehearsal aid that will free you for other work as the computer tirelessly teaches parts and plays the score!


MTI's RehearScore®Plus is a proprietary sequencing software program designed specifically with the needs of a musical rehearsal in mind. RehearScore®Plus is a complete rendition of the Piano-Conductor Score on CD-Rom, sequenced by a top Broadway pianist precisely the way the composer intended. Every musical number (including scene changes, dance music and underscoring), is recorded in its entirety. Because each singer’s part has been recorded on a separate track, it can be played back with or without accompaniment (or louder or softer relative to the accompaniment).

Every cast member can have access to RehearScore®Plus
Load the RehearScore®Plus onto as many computers as you like

Conduct dance or choral rehearsals
Vary the tempo and separate parts

Find the right key - transpositions are easy
Transpose up and down in half-step increments

Isolate, increase or remove any particular vocal line
"Pull up" the altos in the chorus so they can learn their part faster
Once an actor knows his part, he can rehearse with just the accompaniment

Click and jump to any measure
Measure numbers match the score

Add cuts and vamps

Save your changes

RehearScore®Plus is available (with your performance license) for the entire rental/rehearsal period for an additional $400.00. A few titles are still shipping with the older version of RehearScore® (not compatible with intel-based Macs). 

 NB: Available on selected shows; see individual show pages for availability. Free demo of RehearScore®Plus for PC and Mac.

RehearScore®Plus Documentation: Quick-Start Guide | Full RehearScore®Plus Manual

RehearScore®Plus System Requirements: PC running Windows XP or higher OR Mac running OS 10.x or higher.

Sound Effects CD

If the idea of recreating the sound of the whirling blades of a helicopter for Miss Saigon is giving you a major headache, then perhaps you should consider hiring a Sound Effects CD. Sound effects can greatly enhance a production and we understand that obtaining just the right sound can be difficult. Originally developed and used by professional productions (in some cases the Broadway original), these Sound Effects CDs contain sounds such as gunfire for Les Misérables School Edition, and the everyday sounds of children playing and dogs barking for Working.



Revolutionizing the production of musicals throughout the world, OrchEXTRA® is a user-friendly music enhancement system capable of augmenting student musicians and professionals alike. Many organizations interested in producing musicals don’t have access to enough musicians to make up an orchestra. OrchEXTRA® was developed to assist these groups by providing the missing instruments needed to realize a full Broadway score, while at the same time encouraging all available musicians to participate.


For each musical, every part of the orchestration is painstakingly crafted by a trained musician, then put together with the other parts to create a “sequence.” Each sequence can then be performed beat by beat using the OrchEXTRA® system. Since each orchestra part is on a separate channel, they can be turned “on” or “off” depending upon the musicians you have available. Your musicians play as usual, while the instruments missing from your ensemble (but required in the score) are played by OrchEXTRA®.


The new OrchEXTRA® is truly a quantum leap forward. It still has all the real-time live performance features that established it as an industry leader. But there are also hundreds of new features giving even more powerful and flexible customization. Among them are:

  • Powerful timeline based editing interface
  • New Instrument and Output mixers
  • New Score window - idiomatic, rhythmic performance
  • Easy integration with the acoustic band contingent
  • Plain language, marker based navigation
  • Recordable tempos
  • Integrated signal tests to help you make the most of the system in your theatre
  • Custom hotkeys for navigation, mutes, FX and more
  • Gigabytes of sound samples, all custom designed for each individual show

and that's just scratching the surface!


Probably the most significant advantage of OrchEXTRA® is that it's available online and may be used with your own equipment. You no longer need to rent gear from us when you book OrchEXTRA®. That means:

  • We can charge less
  • You can use it longer (virtually unlimited rehearsal)
  • You can take advantage of the most sophisticated sound technology available, if you want an ultra-sophisticated treatment
  • You can put it on multiple computers for added rehearsal flexibility and backup safety
  • You can try it for free


We want you to be completely satisfied with OrchEXTRA® and are offering free downloads of five songs from a show before you choose to buy:

DOWNLOAD YOUR SHOW (trial version only)

Once you learn the features and make sure it works well on your computer and sound equipment, you can then purchase the full version.

Contact our partners at RMS if you need any help along the way!





NOTE: OrchEXTRA® is not intended to be used as the sole source of music for your production. It is recommended that OrchEXTRA® be used in addition to at least 3-4 live musicians in order to maximize the sound quality of the score.

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Transpositions on Demand

It happens from time to time; you cast the right person for the role, but the right person has the wrong vocal range. Transposing the piano/conductor score and orchestra parts for just one song could take days or even weeks to do by hand, costing you both time and money. Now, for certain MTI shows, you can request almost any song in virtually any key, printed in state of the art, easy to read typeset.

NB: You must be in possession of a performance licence to access this service.

Already licensed and needing to request a Transposition?  COMPLETE & RETURN THIS FORM

Keyboard Patch Solutions™

Sometimes being faithful to the score of an MTI musical requires unique, signature keyboard/synthesizer patches integral to the orchestration. The challenge for musical directors is when these authentic sounds are difficult to find and even more difficult to re-produce correctly.

That’s why MTI’s Keyboard Patch Solutions™ were created – an easy to use resource designed specifically to meet the needs of productions that want convenient, cost-effective access to these hard-to-find keyboard sounds. All of the required patches for a given show have been carefully assembled and packaged as one easy-to-use program.

Everything is laid out in correct sequential order, so you can easily progress through each song in each keyboard book with professional, authentic, show-specific sounds. All you have to do is connect any standard keyboard (or multiple keyboards) to your computer and you’ll be ready to perform. And we’ll help you every step of the way.


We want you to be completely satisfied with OrchEXTRA® and are offering free downloads of five songs from a show before you choose to buy:

DOWNLOAD YOUR SHOW (trial version only)

Once you learn the features and make sure it works well on your computer and sound equipment, you can then purchase the full version.

Contact our partners at RMS if you need any help along the way!

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