33 Variations

Genre Drama
Playwright Moises Kaufman
Other Credits
Type Full Length
Status Available (?This work is currently available for application in Australia and New Zealand subject to our standard Terms of Use.)
Setting/Staging Flexible Set

Short Synopsis

A mother coming to terms with her daughter. A composer coming to terms with his genius. And, even though they're separated by 200 years, these two people share an obsession that might, even just for a moment, make time stand still. Drama, memory and music combine to transport you from present-day New York to nineteenth-century Austria in this extraordinary American play about passion, parenthood and the moments of beauty that can transform a life.

"You don't have to know Beethoven from Bach to find yourself thoroughly absorbed by the theatricality with which Kaufman has tied a historic event—the legendary mystery surrounding one of Beethoven's compositions—to a drama about a fatally ill Beethoven scholar, her relationship with her daughter and the daughter's burgeoning romance" —CurtainUp.

"It's a compellingly original and thoroughly watchable play for today that deserves to be remembered" —Talkin' Broadway.

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33 VARIATIONS CD OF SHEET MUSIC (mandatory) (A$40.00)

Optional Extras

33 VARIATIONS DVD WITH IMAGES FOR PROJECTION (optional resource; a royalty per performance is also payable) (A$60.00)

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Casting Information

Total: 8
Male: 4
Female: 4

Rates and Fees

Royalty Fees

Fee: from A$133.00 to A$187.00 per performance

Other Fees

Booking and Handling Fee: A$15.75
Scripts: from A$16.32 per script; click here for further information.


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