Genre Comedy/Satire; Drama
Playwright Conrad Bromberg
Other Credits
Type One Act
Status Available (?This work is currently available for application in Australia and New Zealand subject to our standard Terms of Use.)
Setting/Staging Open Stage

Short Synopsis

The scene is the bare stage of a theatre, where two actors, one young, one old, await the start of rehearsals. They play chess and exchange theatre stories, but as they do so deeper chords are touched. Just as they represent two generations, and two schools of acting, so do they reflect two distinct ways of thinking—the older man has learned to compromise and to hold back his true opinions; while the younger man must live, and act, as openly as his emotions dictate. Ultimately sparks are struck, and their conversation cuts to the root of human relationships. But, when they part, it is evident that both, in finally revealing their deepest and most honest thoughts, have also gained much from each other—perhaps even more than they have been aware of giving.

Funny, sensitive and crafted with consummate skill, this affecting short play was warmly received in its Off-Off-Broadway production by New York's noted Ensemble Studio Theatre. Also selected for inclusion in Best Short Plays. "…written with great economy and humor." —NY Times.     

Casting Information

Total: 3
Male: 2
Female: 1

Rates and Fees

Royalty Fees

Fee: A$80.00 per performance

Other Fees

Scripts: from A$16.32 per script; click here for further information.


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