After Easter

Genre Drama
Playwright Anne Devlin
Other Credits
Type Full Length
Status Available (?This work is currently available for application in Australia and New Zealand subject to our standard Terms of Use.)
Setting/Staging Flexible Set; Flexible Casting

Short Synopsis

Greta, an Irish ex-patriot living in England, has been experiencing religious visions for years. Or are they merely signs of a mental disorder whose roots lie in Greta's upbringing? A strident non-believer, Greta has tried to suppress these episodes, but stress from a crumbling marriage and the birth of her third child have pushed her to the brink of suicide. At the opening of the play, Greta recounts fleeing a party and sitting in the middle of a road where she's nearly hit by a bus. Discharged from the mental hospital that took her in, Greta visits with her two sisters: Helen, a commercial artist who adopts an American accent to hide her heritage; and Aoife, a not-so-strict Catholic who has married and moved only minutes away from her childhood home. But on her first night out of hospital, Greta has a vision of a female banshee entering her room. That night, the sisters learn of their father's heart attack, and they return home to a confrontation with their overpowering mother, the Church and their father's death.

"Devlin's writing is sharp, subtle, brutal and funny." —Sunday Times (London). "AFTER EASTER is full of laughter, pain and spiritual grace…I found the range of its vision thrilling." —Daily Telegraph. "Anne Devlin's marvelous new play is rich, dense and poetic, beautifully written and very funny." —Observer.

Casting Information

Total: 11
Male: 5
Female: 6

Rates and Fees

Royalty Fees

Fee: from A$133.00 to A$187.00 per performance

Other Fees

Scripts: from A$16.32 per script; click here for further information.


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